About TML

Founded in 2018 by Elena and Melisa Koyunseven, a mother daughter team in Palma de Mallorca, The Mediterranean Lifestyle is a purposeful, vibrant and tastefully designed digital magazine.

It is a platform representing the entire Mediterranean region with a focus on the “7 principles” of the Mediterranean lifestyle. A lifestyle that not only means living longer, but also healthier and happier! It is a great visual and informative resource for all enthusiasts worldwide who want to discover and explore the region’s famous Mediterranean diet and lifestyle.

The bi-monthly magazine is lovingly curated with dedication and passion by a small in-house team and contributing editors composed of a creative group of writers, photographers, food bloggers and professional chefs. Each of them has their own story to tell, and here their authentic stories and knowledge are shared directly at first hand.

Until recently, the term ‘Mediterranean lifestyle’ in its true meaning as we know it today was virtually unknown. There were only references to the Mediterranean diet and its benefits. We started TML because we wanted to promote the full spectrum of the Mediterranean lifestyle. In a short space of time, the term “Mediterranean Lifestyle” has been embraced by so many bloggers, influencers, nutritionists and authors, and we are beyond happy and proud that the company name we chose is now used around the world. We believe that each one of our editions is a unique and timeless capture of the true Mediterranean lifestyle.