find a purpose in life

Being productive and having a purpose are essential to living a fulfilling life and achieving personal growth. Whether it’s at work, school, or in our daily lives, it’s important and something for which most of us strive for. Living a purposeful life means doing what drives our soul, and finding it can be a lifelong process.

It has been proven that people who pursue their passions are happier people. Statistically, they’ve been shown to also live longer because they have a reason to get up every morning. They use their talents to pursue a meaningful life purpose that is outside their comfort zone and bigger than themselves. This, in turn, has a positive effect on other people!

However, it isn’t always easy, and finding the motivation and energy to do it can sometimes be difficult. Often we are unproductive because we do too many things badly instead of doing a few things very well. In order to be productive or find meaning in life, we need to devote our precious time to the things that really matter and bring us joy in our lives. When we love what we do, it doesn’t feel like work. It gives us a goal to aspire to, and a set of values to live by. It helps define who we are and what we want out of life.

Discovering our purpose in life can be a challenging task for any of us. It requires self-reflection and a willingness to explore different avenues and possibilities. However, it can also be an incredibly rewarding and meaningful experience that provides clear direction to pursue our goals. It’s about exploring different interests, talents, skills and values and connecting them to a greater purpose.

One of the best ways to find meaning is to take the time to reflect on our experiences and understand how they shaped our lives. Asking ourselves meaningful questions and answering them honestly is another important step in this process. What are my core values? What makes me happy and fulfilled? What is most important to me in life? Answering these questions can help identify interests and passions, which can lead to clearer goals. Even small changes can make a big difference, and there are many possibilities for a fresh start. With the right plan, the right goals, and the right motivation, we can make the most of our day and be successful. Once we find our purpose in life, not only will we greatly reduce our stress levels, but we will improve our interpersonal relationships and increase our intelligence and creativity.

Here are a few tips to start:

1. Start your day with a plan. At the start of each day, take a moment to plan what you need to get done and when. This gives you a roadmap to follow and makes it easier to stay focused and on task.

2. Set realistic goals. When creating your plan, be sure to set reasonable goals that you can actually achieve. Setting unrealistic goals can be disheartening and lead to a lack of motivation and productivity.

4. Stay focused. One of the biggest challenges to productivity is staying focused on the task at hand.. Stay away from distractions like social media.

5. Leave your comfort zone. It can be helpful to leave your comfort zone and try new things. Exploring different activities and hobbies can help you discover hidden passions and develop new skills.

6. Celebrate successes. Celebrate your successes and achievements, no matter how small. This will keep your motivation high and help you stay productive.

Staying productive as we get older can be a challenge, but it is possible.

We all know that with age comes wisdom, but we also know that with it comes changes in physical performance and energy levels. As we age, our productivity can drop, which is a natural occurrence, but there are some strategies we can use to remain productive, even  into old age!

  1. Exercise regularly: Regular exercise to maintain physical strength and flexibility is essential to staying productive as you age. It can also keep your brain functioning, improve your mental health and help to reduce stress – all which are important for staying productive.
  2. Get enough sleep: As you get older, it is important to make sure you get enough sleep. Sleep helps to recharge your body and mind which   can help to improve your productivity. Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep per night to ensure your body and mind are well-rested and ready to take on the day.
  3. Eat healthily: Eating healthily can also help to keep your body and mind functioning at their best. Eating a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins can help to fuel your body and keep your energy levels up. Additionally, making sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day can help to keep you hydrated and energized.
  4. Find time to relax. Regular breaks throughout the day are essential to remain productive. Short breaks can help to reset your mind and allow you to stay focused on the task at hand. Taking a few minutes to stretch or meditate can also help to keep your mind and body feeling refreshed.
  5. Prioritize tasks: As you age, it can be helpful to prioritize tasks. This can help to ensure that you are focusing your energy and attention on the tasks that are most important. Make sure to break down big tasks into smaller chunks and take things one step at a time. By following these tips, you can stay productive as you age.


The people in the Mediterranean remain very productive into old age.

They take part in everyday family life by taking care of grandchildren and preparing food.

They pass on old traditional recipes and valuable knowledge to the next generations.

They help with cultivating and  harvesting fruits, vegetables, olives and other crops.

They also spend time tending  their own gardens. Some raise chickens for fresh daily eggs.

They walk to the shops on a daily basis for some regular exercise and,more importantly, for social interaction as they will likely meet friends and neighbors along the way.


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