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Photos by Timotej Gošev
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Cetina is the most water-rich river in Dalmatia and has its sources on the north west slopes of Dinara. Rafting and canyoning have made the river a popular recreational area in recent years, and it also offers the local population a multitude of benefits. It helps agriculture, powers mills and is used for several hydroelectric plants.

Actually there is no such thing as a sole “Cetina spring”. The river Cetina rises from a total of 8 sources that are only a few hundred meters apart. However, one of them, Glavaševo Vrelo, is the most famous. It is the largest and at the same time probably the most impressive because of its spectacular looks.

This spring, also known as the “Dragon’s Eye”, is located at an altitude of 385 meters near the village of Cetina. Although it has only been explored to a depth of 115 meters so far, it is actually estimated to be 130 to 180 meters deep.

The water rises from an almost vertical giant siphon and is unbelievably crystal clear. A sight that can be both breathtaking and terrifying, but definitely a unique experience if you are brave enough to aquadive in the cold water that does not exceed 10°C.

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