Melisa and Elena Koyunseven are the founders of The Mediterranean Lifestyle, based on the beautiful Balearic island of Mallorca, Spain.

Born and raised in Germany, Elena, a native Greek, returned to her roots in the Mediterranean in 2013, which her parents had left more than 50 years ago. Here she started a new life and Melisa joined her two years later. Deeply impressed by the relaxed and healthy way of life they live and value every day, they were very keen to share it with others!

 So they started to wonder how they could bring as many people as possible closer to the Mediterranean and inspire them to live a healthier, better and maybe longer life by making small changes in their everyday life. In addition to their website and weekly newsletter, the answer was a visually appealing, informative and timeless digital magazine that reflects the trend of the time.

“Since our 1st edition, we have created our own unique style and independent vision. Our readers and partners appreciate us for our values, our sincerity and our creative approach. In this way, we have built a vibrant and constantly growing community worldwide.”


Jackie Humphries Smith

Writer and Photographer

Rajsa Simoni

Marketing Specialist

Dimitris Tziovaras

Culinary Writer