Issue 19

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In this issue we are looking for a balance in life in order to experience happiness. Like the ancient Greek philosophers wrote and Plato introduced moderation as “the harmony between reason, spirit, and desire”. We live in a world where “longevity” is a trending buzzword. The Mediterranean way of life is a great place to start on that longevity roadmap. Shifting the paradigm around anti-aging and how to age well is one of the main topics in this issue. This summer we embark on a journey to Kalymnos, the sponge island in Greece and to Monopoli in Italy where we indulge in the cultural traditions and flavorful cuisine. Our photographer here on Mallorca is sharing his impressions and the many faces of our beautiful island.

The seasonal fruit in this issue is the zucchini and refreshing watermelon, perfect for the hot summer days! We have again some refreshing cocktail recipes for you to try and more Mediterranean recipes from our community.

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