Issue 20

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This issue is dedicated to The Golden Season in which we invite you to a new journey of discovery and knowledge around the Mediterranean. Autumn has knocked at our door and it’s time for cozy autumn soups and seasonal dishes, including beetroot and squash. Do you know how to choose the best olive oil? In this issue we have expert tips and uses on how to choose the right olive oil and understanding the different types.

For off season travel adventurers we have destinations that will inspire you to pack your bags again and fly away. We visit the famous wineries of Santorini, the island of Patmos, the Etna volcano and Ronda, a lesser-known jewel in Spain that once fascinated the famous Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles.

And last but not least we come to the ultimate question that also preoccupied Aristotle: What is happiness and how does one become happy?

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Our issues are timeless throughout the year, therefore they are not numbered by seasons, but by numbers.