Issue 21

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In this our 21st issue of TML Magazine, we head off to exceptional winter destinations such as the sprawling Algarve coastline and Lebanon’s towering snow-capped Mount Sannine. We’ll take you to the Greek island of Astypalaia and revel in summer memories as we cruise along the Albanian coast. We’ll be enchanted by the grandeur of times gone by on a tour of the Villas of Tivoli before descending into Istanbul’s Basilica Cistern and delving further into Roman history.

In order to offer the gourmets among you some culinary delights, we volunteered, and this time succumbed to the fluffy, soft Panettone! We also got tips from Francesco di Salvo, a specialist baker who revolutionized its preparation, so you can get baking right away. And if you like to try new things in the kitchen, then you will definitely love the taste of Moroccan Tagine. Appropriately for the season, this time we put fresh chestnuts on the roast and round off our culinary winter delights with some hearty pear recipes.

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