Issue 23

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Our Issue No. 23 of TML is specially dedicated to the Mediterranean diet. Given the importance of the Mediterranean Lifestyle and its awareness worldwide, the entire month of May has now been designated internationally to the Mediterranean Diet. You’ve probably already heard that this diet was voted the No. 1 worldwide, and it was no surprise to us, given its health advantages. This time around we also take a closer look at the koulouria or simit, also known as sesame rings, and the wild herbs found on the mountains of Greece.

Our first travels take us to Italy, firstly to Oltarno, in the left bank of Florence, where we get to understand the authentic life of the city and then on to Cilento and its hinterland. Inspired by adventure novels, we wanted to introduce you to the legendary island of Monte Cristo, which today is only inhabited by flora and fauna. And while we’re on the subject of reading, do you actually know where the letters of our alphabet that we use every day actually come from? Anyway, in case you already have an inkling, let’s take a historical journey together to Byblos and back to the times when Mediterranean cultures were just starting to connect and trade further afield.

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