Issue 27

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In this winter edition we give people who not only live the Mediterranean lifestyle, but who also explore and teach it, a platform to express and pass it on to people around the world. We start our gastronomic journey in Bella Italia and follow the fresh aroma of the Mediterranean. Let us take you to the Amalfi Coast, where the best lemons should be available and learn more about their true origin. Next, we take you on a culinary treasure hunt in Crete, where the roots of today’s Mediterranean diet lie and bring you further to the north of Italy where the cattle are led to higher pastures to produce the most special types of cheeses in the region. Our next stop is Granada in southern Spain, where we find out why the pomegranate became a symbol of the city and from where the city got its name. Whether you are planning your vacation for next summer or looking for a getaway for the winter season, the destinations we introduce you to will be a real inspiration for your next travels in the Mediterranean.

With our TML editions, we not only want to bring you closer to some of our lives in the Mediterranean, but also inspire you to learn a little more about this healthy lifestyle every day and maybe start living it soon. A lifestyle that has been proven to support health, longevity and joie de vivre in many aspects!

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