By Luca Morgillo

Published in the TML Magazine Issue 8, 2020

“I am an Italian living in Italy. During the lock-down I started filming traditional and easy to prepare Italian recipes for my followers … who are mostly from the US and clients in the “Pizza and Gelato class” in Florence where I am a pizza chef. My short videos proved to be quite successful and captured a lot of people that reproduced the recipes and tagged me. You can watch them on my Youtube Channel “cookandlovewithluca”.

Carpaccio are very thin slices of meat or fish. Normally raw and marinated in lemon juice or vinegar, then prepared with vegetables. I prepared a beef Carpaccio. The original recipe was born in Venice in 1950 at the “Harrys Bar” when the owner invented the carpaccio for a noble lady that could not eat cooked meat! The name “Carpaccio” came from the painter Vittorio Carpaccio… because the colors of the raw meat remind him of the colors in the paintings of Carpaccio.

  • 14 oz (400 gr) of thin slices of beef

Ask your butcher to cut them with the slice machine.


1. Let the beef marinated in the juice from 2 lemons.

2. After one hour drain the lemon juice and put the beef on top of some rocket salad, add some cut cherry tomatoes, a few flakes of Parmesan cheese and this gives the green, white and red colors that represend the Italian flag!

3. Season with salt, fresh milled black pepper and balsamic vinegar glaze.


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