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But why is this classic combination so popular? Wine and cheese taste incredibly good on their own, but together they are simply unbeatable. Simply served, uncomplicated to enjoy and as an enrichment to the enjoyment of wine, good cheese can hardly be surpassed. The acidity of the wine and the saltiness of the cheese strike a perfect balance, with the flavors complementing each other perfectly. The fat in the cheese has a very significant influence on the taste of the combination, because it is a flavor carrier that strengthens the impressions on the palate. It ensures that the oral mucosa, the mouth’s lining, that has been attacked by the tannins of the wine is oiled again and the astringent effect of the tannins disappears.

Another reason for the duo’s popularity is the variety of flavors they offer. The wide range of cheeses can be divided into salty, sour, spicy or sweet components, making the possibilities endless. As an integral part of the Mediterranean diet, cheese has been eaten for at least 7,000 years, with evidence found in the tombs of Ancient Egypt. Today, cheese is a beloved part of the region’s cuisine, and is featured in dishes ranging from Greek salad to Italian lasagna. The basic rule for cheese and wine is that you don’t have to follow any rigid rules! What is considered a unique taste experience for one person is perceived by another as a strange combination of flavors. And the old saying that only red wine goes with cheese is no longer relevant. Trying out new things is the motto, and let yourself be surprised by the taste. Personal taste decides whether you prefer similar or contrasting flavors when pairing wine and cheese.

Intentionally or not, a region’s wines often go hand in hand with local cheeses, since they are produced under the same climatic and geographical conditions. In addition, both protagonists should be about the same strength. The more mature and stronger the cheese is, the more substantial and full-bodied wines are recommended.

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